Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Life July 2005

Ok so I have been bad and I have not updated this in a while. So what has happened since June. Well I am buying a new home in the same community I loved that I thought I could not afford. My builder is Coleman homes and the community is and my realtor Kristina Bell rocks! She is just the greatest and has helped me out so much so far and they have not even started building my new home yet. Right now I am waiting for retaining walls to be built on my street. I am not sure if my house gets one or not but if the stakes I saw were any indication one side of my lot will need a retaining. Not a big one, but before the city will release any building permits the walls must go up.
It was pretty cool to go out there this past week and see a sold sign on my lot. Gotta love that. I was by myself so no pics, but the next time I go out I will make sure I get some sort of picture one way or another of me standing next to the sign. Now it is all a waiting game. I am also waiting to hear back from the underwriters to see if I get on this first time home owners special program that few people fit into. My mortgage rep does not think it will be an issue at all. But who knows we shall see. All of the approval papers are filled out and I am waiting to hear back the good news!

I am now going throug boxes to clean out and declutter before I move. I spent all day yesterday going through every inch of one closet. It still appears I have saved to much but I will go through the boxes again in a month or so. My scrap booking room is next on my list. That as well as taking pictures of all of my Mary Engelbreit kitchen ware to sell on Ebay. I have tons to sell. I want a whole new look for my kitchen when I move into my new home. I need to earn teh maximum amount from everything I have to buy the new dishes. I picked out a set my Mikasa called italian country side. It is all white and I just love it. I can mix an any other color I want to make it all pop. And lucky me there is a Mikasa outlet less than a mile away from my apartment.

I have also decided on the type of fridge I want. I want a botton pull out tilt freezer drawer with double top doors. I will say black for now but I flip flop in the stainless look right now that is so popular. Will I hate the stainless in a year after constantly having to wipe it down to get the finger prints off of it? I am going gas on the stove. I have never cooked on a gas stove but I think it will be cool.

My life has been all about my home lately. No time for anything else between work and that. I do need to get a life and start going out again, but now who has the money? LOL.

Ok I am off to take a break. I wil post a picture tomorrow of my lot.