Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve Eve

I managed somehow to get all my shopping done today. In between my car over heating. Yes, I had one last trip when my car started steaming. I had to wait approx 2 hours for my brother and mom to sho wup and bail me out. We filled it up with something called radiator fix in case I have a small leak in the radiator, also added more radiator fluid and off I went to buy a new radiator cap. I finished my last stop to buy my mom's large gift at Home depot. Something she requested. I have all but 2 gifts to wrap now. I spent the afternoon wrapping. Tomorrow morning I will clean. I pray my car is all fixed now. I just can't afford to buy a new car on top of everythign else let along the fact it is 3 months from begining paid off and I need that extra money every month for a while before I can start saving for a new car.

Things may be tight money wise right now, but I am going to keep my positive attitude and know that I will be taken care of and I will get thourgh this time. I will look back one day and wonder how I did it, but I will know I have the strength to get through most things. If I can get through this.

My nose is healing very well. It feels so good to breathe through my nose again! I had forgotten what it felt like. Time to settle in for the night will my puppy/dog and enjoy the evening! I am going to watch some Christmas movies and snack on some toffee as I get ready to spend my first Christmas in my home.