Monday, July 31, 2006

A New Addition to My Family

Well like all things, when something gets in my brain of what I want, I keep after it until I get it. (of course this does not apply to men in my life) This is my newest little addition.

He is a 6 week old full blooded miniature ( I hope) American Eskimo, of which I think I have named Walker. I am not sure if it will stay but my niece helped decide on the name as I suggested a few to her. This is the one she liked. And I say I hope because you just never know if a dog born from a miniature will stay miniature. I know I picked the smallest of the lot. His foot was actually about 3/4" smaller than the next biggest puppy in his liter.

Now I say to myself WHAT in the world have I done??? Have I lost my mind? Now I have to go home very day after work to let him out ? I have to find a pet sitter if I go out of town. But gosh darn it I needed something to love and something that would love me back unconditionally. I was feeling a little down about life and the lack there o no love life. Plus I look forward to the days where I can walk him and get some exercise. Right now he is very tiny at 6 weeks old.

This is my 6 yr old Niece with my 6wk old puppy