Thursday, March 20, 2008

One of the Weirdest News Stories yet

I am sorry but this "Boyfriend charged in Kansas toilet case"
is one of the weirdest new stories to date and has me pondering on numerous items.

WHY???!!! I guess is the first one, and the second, and the third? Why on so many levels. Why wait years to call for help? Why sit in one place so long? Why, why, why? Just so weird.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Marbles 01

Marbles 01
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This is what 3000 vintage marbles look like all over the floor when the glass jar they were in broke as I was lifting it up to vacum underneath it. See the jar in the background sitting upside down with the glass bottom right next to it. All I could do was laugh when I heard the rush of the marbles falling out the of the jar and rolling all over the floor all at once. The dog had a field day chasing.them. I am still finding a stray here and there in the house.

I collected these as a kid when I lived in Hawaii when I used to play marbles with some neighborhood kids. I won most of these. I am always tempted to buy more when I see them at antique stores or flea markets, but do I really need anymore?

My niece is 8 and loves playing with them; I was 9 when I loved playing with them so I completely understand her facination with them when she comes over to my home.