Sunday, October 29, 2006


Remember a while back when I posted these pics of the mysterious holes in my back yard? One exterminator told me they were field mice holes. I do not think he convinced me. All summer I looked for some sort of proof of what could be living in my yard and I was always fearfull whatever was living down there something awefull and fearfull, and not much scares me. Well the mystery has been solved with the help of my puppy. And the creature is ........CRAYFISH OR CRAWFISH! Yes, I thought they looked like crawfish holes, but I thought hardly in the middle of North Texas let alone in my back yard. But yes, that is what lives in my back yard, which is actually a relief over field mice, spiders, or even moles. My puppy, Walker, solved the mystery. I noticed him sniffing around one of the mystery holes rather excitedly so I walked over to investigate and low and behold he was sniffing at a dead crawfish outside one of the holes. Everything became quite clear as to why I never saw any proof of any live creatures in my backyeard all summer except after it rained or when I watered the lawn. My only proof were these dirt mounds that appeared at the tops of the holes. (see picture above) My mom said they looked like crawyfish holes, but I just wasn't a believer; I am now! They can happily stay in the back yard, if I can plant some trees, grass and flowers back there.

I am very recelived the mystery has been solved!