Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My "New" Couch! Finished at Last

I am done at last with the job of recovering my couch at long last. I wish I had taken some before pictures because it was off white and looking a bit worn and tattered. The fabric on my newly recovered couch only set me back a whopping $200 plus about another $100 on staples, thread, pillow forms and new stuffing. So I think I spent about $ 300 to $ 350 on recovering my $1200 couch that I bought approach 11 years ago. I received a quote to recover it for $1200 to 1500. The fabric is $30.00 a yard fabric I bought at $5.00 a yard on sale. I guess now I really need to paint the walls in the living room to warm up the place.
My MOM did an AMAZING job on recovering the base with me! Without her help I would have never taken on this task at all.
When I find the right color fringe trim, I will re-sew the back pillows to apply the fringe trim.

Now to find a find a plum or eggplant colored rug to go with this couch. There are actually lots of colors in this fabric that you do not really see in this picture. Purple/a rich plum color and cranberry red look great with this fabric. I love color and I want to make some cranberry red colored silk curtains, but I have a few other projects right now to complete.

thanks for looking!