Monday, April 14, 2008

Sorry I Haven't Updated in While / What I Have Been Up To

So many things are going on in my life right now. Some good some bad. First off the one bad is that I have not been feeling well. I think my endometreosis is back in full force. I had surgery for it about 3 years ago and was told that odds of it coming back were great unless I have a baby soon. Well since I am single and not dating anyone that hasn't happened. I am on the old fashioned side in that I want to do it right get married and then have a baby but I am getting older so I am starting to think of the option out there for me being single and all. I was told when I had surgery last time that people with this can have small amounts of it and lots of pain and lots of it with little pain. I am on the little side with lots of pain right now at least that is how it was last time for me.

I took a class a few weeks ago with Debbie Shuh at Gotta Scrap. I nearly missed the class because I was so sick. I actually got in my car to drive home when I had to turn off the engine and open the door and toss my cookies. I was sick as a dog and had a 15 to 20 minute drive home still.

I have been busy sewing. After 2 years I finally got around to sewing the valences for my bedroom windows. I finished one and the other is almost finished. It really turned out nice after a rough start. I am going to try and finish the other tonight and take a picture. I used the same fabric from my comforter (that I made 2 years ago) and fabric from my curtain panel along with some pretty bead trim and gimp to finish off the bottom edge of the valence.

I have also been working in my yard. last year I wanted to crate a new flower bed in my back yard and my mom talked me out of it but this year I am doing it. I now have to dig up all of the grass that filled in the area so I can make a flower bed out of the area. I already had some plants in this area now I want to connect them all together with a curving bed on the hill in my back yard. I have gladiolus, a rose bush, a sweet Carolina Jasmine a hibiscus plant and a dwarf pear tree that I am connecting together with one large flower bed. I am excited this year my dwarf pear tree has pears on it! It had more until all the storms. Now there are only about 10 left on the little tree. Oh well. My apricot tree didn't flower again this year, but hopefully next year it will bear some fruit. I read somewhere that it can take up to three years before it blooms. This is year two for me. My rose bushes are doing great. Last year I transplanted some Iris' from my mothers yard to a corner in my backyard, but they never did anything. I was afraid I was going to have to move them this year because the corner of the yard I planted them in stays a bit wet and doesn't get a whole lot of sun, but low and behold this year they bloomed! In fact I didn't even know what color they were until this year. They turned out to be purple! I love purple.

I babysat my niece and nephew one Friday night last month. My 4 yr old nephew is a hoot. The things he says! My niece was watching Halloweentown on TV while my nephew sat in my lap and played with a transformer. He then convinces me to go upstairs to play transformers when the movie was over. While we are playing he goes "Mom took me to a store and it really creeped me out". He was so serious. So I proceed to ask more questions. What store, when did you go. why were your "creeped out?". When was back in October, where was a Halloween store and a huge mummy on display scared him. After speaking to my SIL later that night, the boy was petrified of the huge mummy that moved that was on displayed and screamed when he saw it. I can only guess the movie we were watching reminded him of this horrific event in his life to tell me about it. I still have to wonder where on earth he has heard of the word creep? I asked him and he said he didn't know he just knew the word.

Work is strange right now. I will say more later when and if I can but for now I need to keep on keeping on and hope for the best.

I took 4 days off of work recently. I need the time off and away to regroup. I spent one day shopping. I wanted to take the day off to organize my craft room , but it didn't work out that way. Then I took off for 4 days and 3 nights to a Scrapping B&B in east Texas. I went a day early to get some Silver Bella projects done. I will post pics tomorrow of what I completed. Friday morning at the B&B was exciting since I had to wake people of to tell them we needed to take cover because of a tornado warning. Thankfully the tornado stayed 10 minutes to the east of us and went north. I started my dogs album. Not sure why I am scrapping a dog album but the creative process has been fun and working in 8X8 has been interesting, and challenging. I had fun with my scrapping buddies. I go with the best ladies ever! One lady Carrie always make us the best cocktails! This time it was a drink from a southern living magazine. I frozen lemonade container undiluted and still frozen, 2 light beers, and vodka, Sounds strange but they were yummy!

I left my dog Walker with my mom and sister at my Mom's home. The little stinker howled for 30 minutes after I left. I swear this dog never whines or cries but I heard him howling after my sister called me to tell me what he was doing. He sat with his butt to the corner at the front door and howled for 30 minutes after I left. I mean howled! Poor baby. I have left him at my mom's before but he never howled like that ever. When I got back home Sunday to pick him up he didn't want anyone near me but him. Now why can't I find a man like that ! LOL.

I am sorry I missed the toy post hosted by jessi. Some things going on in my life kept me from posting. The biggie... I spilt coke under my laptop and then it would not start. I couldn't get it looked at until this morning but I guess after it dried out and the battery was replaced it worked just great, thankfully! I will post my pics this week. Sorry Jessi!

My younger sister, she's 38, graduates from college this weekend. Finally! Took her a few years but she is now done and starts work again June 16th after being off work for 6 years. This Saturday is her day! Sunday is my Mom's day. Ok enough for now. I promise to post again tomorrow night and show you what I have been working on.