Monday, September 05, 2005

Oh where has the Summer Gone?

It is September and I realized today I have not posted since July. I am going to be more faithful to post here this month. I enjoy reading all of my friends Blog sites so I guess I should try to keep mine updated just the same. Now if I could figure out how to post pics like they do all would be right for me. The few I posted were by shear luck and took lots of clicking. How can I possibly do it the again? Especially after all of these months away?

I am going to start tracking the building of my home on here. I am told they should start the foundation next week some time if things go well. I have been driving by on Fridays after work to get the updates on the retaining walls. I never knew how exciting it is to see walls go up? Let alone I never knew how excited I would be to see walls go up. I need to go take some pictures of this neighborhood before all the homes go up. Lots of empty lots with these beautiful stone walls going up. No walls on my sight yet. From what I can tell they are doing the longest and hardest ones first, and from what I see my lot will have very small walls on either side. But the realtor called me last week and she said they are to be finished with the walls sometime this week and since I have all the upgrades and selections picked out on my new home my builder will be good to go as soon as the walls are done.

What else have I been up to? Hmmm. Not much. Window shopping and end of season sales shopping for the new house. Just small items as I find them at great prices. I purchased more silverware. I never thought buying silverware would be fun, but since I have never gotten married I have to do this on my own. I found a beautiful Oneida flatware set. Well lucky me got three for the price of one a few weeks ago. So yesterday I decide to go to an outlet mall to check out the prices at the Oneida factory outlet. Well low and behind they are going out of business and they were selling my set for 50% off of their discounted price. Woohoo! I splurges and bought 5 more sets for less than what I would have paid for 2 sets. I was so doing the happy dance! I now have 8 - 5 piece place settings! And I got them all on supper deal sales! Ok so mo more shopping for antigen for the house until after I close. I have to save up for a fridge. Anyone else out their love the bottom freezer French door styles? That is what I want more than anything! Ok so I am off to scrap. Forget trying to organize that is a lost cause.

Ok I will have pics to post of my lot and walls soon!

Soon to be New home owner!