Thursday, April 26, 2007

A New Company

Well after almost 7 years (One month shy to the day of being with Tekelec 7 years) of working for a company called Tekelec, I am now a GENBAND employee. It is very weird because I will work in the same building in the same office cube and for the same manager just for a different company and for a different Vice President. I now work for a privately held company instead of a public company so now there will be less rules and procedures to follow. I think this will be a great thing. My hands will not be tied so much and when I need to get something done I won't be told you can't because of Sarbanne Oxley (sp?)

My frontyard is looking great In fact is it the best looking on my little block and I am the only single person on my block. I guess the weed and feed I used a month ago really worked and worked better than whatever my neighbors have used. I used Fertilome weed and feed and I do not have any weds to pull up like all my neighbors are having to do. But I still have a back yard to get in shape. I have weeds everywhere there. So guess what i will be workign on this weekend?

Scrapping Retreat - My retreat was nearly cancelled but thankfully I will be scrapping again all next weekend! I can hardly wait. For me to go I have to get my car fixed. UGH! But I am so excited to get out of my house to scrap. So this weekend I will also be getting photos printed so I have something to scrap. Ok my battery light on my laptop is going low so I better publish now and call it a day.