Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It was Just One of those days

Ever have one of those days where you leave work and wish you never had to go back? Well I had one. I actually left thinking boy was I ever a whiner today. I was ticked off about the way way the some things are going at work and I took it out on everyone around me today including some poor sales men I had to meet with today. Well they wanted to meet with me, I didn't want to meet with them but they kept bugging me so I met with them; so I guess you could you say it's their own fault they got an ear full today right?
It went bad when an email I sent out to one of my reps was in turn sent out to someone inside his company and then forwared on to someone at the company I used to work for and on to the person who used to be my VP and who is now my mentor at my former company, who in turn sent it back to me with comments. UGH! Did you get all of that! Never was my email intended to be sent on to anyone besides my rep, who I let have it! I was/am frustrated with the AP dept at the company I used to work for and used the word "stupid". Boy did I ever learn my lesson! Thankfully I didn't name any specific names in the email it was just implied to be about AP! I am just really frustrated about a situation that has been going on since April. Why do I have to think for everyone around me and help them all do their jobs? I am helping my new company not pay for bills that the old company says that aren't their bills. I am not in AP, I am in procurement! I am frustrated and tired and I need a week off and away from work.

I no longer work for my former company and yet I average 10 to 15 calls a week from my former company asking me questions about what I used to do for them. I can't count all the emails I still get and I have not worked for this company since April when I was sold off because I was told I was replacable my someone who lived in NC and yet my replacement has not been hired. A time is on the near horizon where I will not take some calls or answer some emails or IM's in regards to work at my former company. Is that bad of me? I guess I feel they should have kept me if they still need me. I mean I was told I was replaceable by someone in NC so I could not be offerred a relo package. Funny thing they are now searching for my replacement with head hunters so they will have to pay a head hunter fee for anyone they find and the new person will be paid a higher pay grade than what I was/am paid so in the end it will cost the company more money to replace me than to pay me a relocation package! Makes perfect business since to me; now I see why all those CFO's get paid what they do! They know how to work deals! Ok I'm done whining for the night!

Now that I got that off my chest, above are some little lovelies I got about 10 years ago when a company I worked for was going to toss them in the trash. They are 20mm or 30mm Swarovski rhinstones from the 30's in Aqua and Clear. I know I have grosses of them becasue i remember takign them out of the old wrappings years ago that I wish now I still had! I haven't been able to bring myself to use them yet, but maybe Silver Bella will show me a creative way to use them!
The fabric is to make a Roman Shade for my craft room! I wanted something cute and girly in there. I just fell in love with this fabric with stylelized woman on it. I actually painted the walls a color first and then hunted for fabric to match. Remind me to never do that again! Buy fabric first!
Oh and thanks to Heather I have been playing around with my Blog Banner! This was something I created for a Circle Journal a couple of years ago. It will do for now, but I still want to work on a new Banner this weekend if I ever figure out Photoshop Elements.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Home Purchase and My Craft Room to date

Above is my latest purchase for my home. I just fell in love with this lampshade last weekend. It reminded me of a vintage hat. This lovely "hat lamp" as I have now named it was on sale for 40% off and I had a $30 gift card I really needed to spend ( I had the car din hand over a year) so the lamp only cost me $44 without tax. I saw some simliar shades on lamps at Hobby Lobby but they didn' quite have this lovely shape. The shade even has some sequins on it to give it some sparkle! I think it will lovely in my vintage black/gold and red bedroom
Below is a sneek peak of my craft room in progress. That is my $40 Ikea computer desk and Ikea Shelf on the wall. Onc emy new craft table arrives I will post more pics of my craft room and hopefully it will be all finished by then.