Monday, March 30, 2009

I'mmmmmm Baaaack

Ok so I went black for a couple of months not on purpose, it just sort of happened. But I am back now and will make an attempt to update once a week if not more this year. Please ignore the banner for now until I can create a new one.

What have I been up to lately... Well work and more work. I am blessed my work is busy and our company is doing well through this economic storm. I have too much to do everyday and I love it. It is perplexing at time but it only make me a better procurement person and a better problem solver as I jump in to solve customer and procurement issues. I really do enjoy the challenge of my work.

It is spring in Texas and I know that because not only are my roses blooming but so is the Poison Ivy in my backyard. Yepp I have it again. I got out in my back yard 2 weeks ago to kill and dig up some roots and I guess I hit a poison ivy root. Thankfully it is not near as bad I had it the summer I first moved into my home, but having any of it is not good. So far Ivarest has worked great. After it has been on a few minutes it totally stops itching until about 4 to 5 hours later when it wears off. I know it says on the packaging it provides 8 hours of relief but honestly its more like 4 to 5 at best.

On another I have joined the HDTV generation. I bought my first HDTV at Walmart this month. It was an out of box special on a Samsung 22". I really only wanted a 19" for my bedroom but upgraded to the 22" when the out of box special was only $25 to $30 more for a 22" Samsung which usually costs around $378 to $400. It works great, not a scratch on it and I find myself watching TV in bed more in the evenings these days. Imagine that. I guess I need to work on saving up for that 52" HDTV that I want to hang above my fireplace in my great room. Maybe next year.

I am also waiting on the delivery of my new Thomasville couch. It will be in a soft sage chenille fabric to match this rug I bought about a year ago at a great discount. I was sad I could not afford these beautiful swivel chairs in this fabulous deep plum print fabric but oh well one piece at a time for me. I actually went into Thomasvilleto look at these coffee tables because I needed to see if I wanted the Thomasville ones or some that were on sale at Bassette Furniture one weekend for 30% off that I had my eye on for over a year, next thing I know not only was I in love with the Thomasville tables in the Hills of Tuscany line but I bought a new couch instead. My mom talked me into the couch since it will get my room matching better instead of everything not matching at all with new coffee tables. My old couch will soon have a new life with my brother and his girlfriend.

I am attending Paper Cowgirl in June and I look forward to sign up for Silver Bella 2009 in April.
have you seen the instructors! WOWZA! I haven't been creating instead I have gotten sucked into FB. If you are on FB you know what it means and maybe you are addicted to it just like me. LOL.

See You Later! Will Post again very soon.