Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Where did 2009 go?

Wow where did 2009 go? As you can see by my banner I am way behind in blogging this year so I am going to make a commitment to get back to blogging more in 2010. I can't believe Silver Bella 2009 has come and gone already. Seems like I spent half of the year thinking about it, planning for it and creating for it. What a magical time it was. I absolutely loved all my classes this year. I started off with Charlotte's sweet sweater hat class. It was totally up my alley and thanks to sweet ladies at my table I was given some wonderful trim and bits of sweaters to complete my hat. I have to admit this was one class where the table talk will not be forgotten. LOL. Gina Grable knows what I am talking about. I also can't wait to make a few more hats in the next few weeks. I may even attempt a bag,

Then it was off to Jennifer Murphy's Snowman Clip class. I learned so much in this class about felt and after the felt ornament swap I was in I was eager to learn more about wool felt. She taught us so many great techniques and I love my little snowman. I am going to finish my little guy up tonight. It was nearly finished when I left the class I just wanted to add some touched to him when I got home or he would be done.

Next I was off to the long awaited, 3 years in fact, Rebeca Sower class. Wow! Why or why have I not taken one of her classes before now? I adore her work and now adore her even more. She is just so sweet and wonderful. I love my decorated cigar box and all the little tidbits inside it. I just have to add a bit more red to it to hang in my bedroom and/or living room and I can call it done. This was a lovely class to end my day with.

Vendor night was off the hook yet again! WOWZA! next year if I can attend Silver Bella I plan on spending money on buying finished goods and not supplies. I did buy my two items from two vendors on my to do list this year. A headband from sweet Megan aka Princess Lasertron and a necklace and earrings from Kelly. The rest of my money was spent on supplies from various vendors but of course I didn't Miss Wanda's table. She always has great stuff at great prices so next year I will try to only buy supplies from her. I bought some items from her to make more sweater hats with. She had great velvet flowers and applique pieces.

Saturday I started off with a Pam Garrison class. This is the only class I didn't come close to finishing. I just didn't know what to expect out of the class and dumb me didn't email Pam to find out more so I would know what bits and pieces to bring with me. I think this one is going to be a red and gold wreath to go in my bedroom but who knows I may change that so it can permanently reside in my living room, we shall see. I enjoy Pam's classes and try to always take one of her classes.

I ended my day with Kaari Meng. I couldn't wait to sign up for one of her classes since I had requested and receiving her book last year. I even remembered to bring it with me to SB so she could sign it for me. I never knew when I got the book last Christmas that I would be taking a class from her nearly a year later. Who knew. No one had even told me about her or her book I happened to stumble upon it through Amazon.com last year sometime. I am so glad I did. I loved her class. But boy was I exhausted by this point. I started crying in class for no reason. Generally if I cry I have a reason but this was out of pure exhaustion.

Oh so much more to talk about SB but I need to upload some photos.
Tomorrow swaps and our sat Luncheon! Oh and lest I forget the fabulous Scrappy Jessi Bus Tour!