Monday, November 06, 2006

My Quadruple Whammy Week

Last week was just a plain ol crazy week for me. I got sick, tossing cookies sick, went back to the ENT and discovered I need nose surgery, another round of lay offs at work, and major lower pain pain. I need nose surgery to breathe through my nose like a normal person. The Dr. wants to reduce the turbinates in my nose. I had no clue I had such a thing in my nose! It seems I have enlarged turbinates and for me to breathe better throgh my nose he can go in with a laser and reduce them by taking out some lining and crush some bones in my turbinates. He will also remove my adnoids to hopefully make it so I do not snore. I will be scheduling the surgery as soon as possible.

Then my back went from a little pain to extreme pain last week. Major muscle spams in my lower back. This one really through me for a loop since I am going to the chiropractor/accupuncturist since September at least 2 to 3 times a week to help reduce my back pain, and it was working, it was feeling better than it had in a long time until two fridays ago. He adjusted my lower back as normal, but after an hour or so upon returning to work my lower back started to hurt. Not just a little pain, but major spasms. I spent that weekend on back. Went back to him first thing last Monday morning, it helped a little, but the spasms were still there. So I started using my TENs unit, ice, heat, back brace, aleve, some left over muscle relaxers and still no relief. I have a very high pain tolerance, and I just dealt with it not knowing what course of action to take next.

Then on November 1rst another round of layoffs took place at work. The day sucked since this tie they layed off some of the admins who all happened to some of the ladies I pal around with. It was a sucky day to say the least. My back hurt, I had a stopped up nose and my friends lost their jobs. Then the rumors of Tekelec selling off the division I support started going around.

Luckily I took last Friday off to go to the most gigantic flea market in the state of Texas and probably in the United States with two of my cousins. Now my back was still hurting but no position helped so why not spend the day walking? Found a few must have buys. I will post a pic of one later. I was so excited when I found it, I forgot to bargain for it. LOL. I hurt all day. I then spent another weekend in bed on my back miserable. I kept thinking I should go to the ER, but I didn't. I woke up this morning in major pian and in tears no tknowing what to do. I decided it was time to find a new family practice Dr in town, so I made a call; I think they saw me so quickly today because I cried. I was in that much pain. My body felt disconnected. Any movement I made hurt my lower back and shot through the rest of my body. The Dr took xrays and determined it was major muscle spasms. I got a shot and 3 prescriptions, by this afternoon relief! Finally. With the muscle relaxers, pain killers and anti inflammatory pills, I am starting to feel no pain!

Now to call and schedule my nose surgery to reduce the turbinates in my nose so I can breathe like a normal person. All of those things added up to my quadruple whammny week. Now maybe the rest of the month will go off without a hitch. I will continue to pray Tekelec does not sell off the division I support any time soon. Things are finally going great there and the right people are finally taking notice of what I do so maybe hopefully I can become a manager one day.

But I can't wait to share about what I bought at the flea market! It was so me and a perfect accent to my bedroom or craft room.