Monday, November 05, 2007

Check, Check and Check

Well almost everything I needed to do over the weekend has been checked off my list. I now just have to make 22 tags. I promise they won't look thrown together. I am a procrastinator like that, I'm sad to say. I will always meet my deadlines though. I just had know idea how long it would take for me to work on my skirts for the junk Gypsy night yesterday. That and I had a trip to the grocery store so my poor sister will have something to eat at my house while I am gone.

I had to redo the waist band of one skirt because the fabric frayed like crazy. UGH! Then I had to rethink how I was going to sew my Crinoline underskirt. I bought bridal type tulle in a light aqua and there was not way I was going to cut it to sew it in layers. So I cheated. I had to think on my toes and design my own pattern in my head and without paper. I bought fabric to make a drop down wait section. Then I made another mistake and cut the 1/2 piece if fabric in thirds so the drop down waist part is a smaller width than I wanted but oh well I made that work as well. But when I went to start cutting the tulle I cringed. too much work to cut 10 yards of soft tulle I could barely see in two layers on my cutting table. Then it hit me. I used the folder edge and sewed a basting stitch 1/4" down from the fold along almost 10 yards. (I cut off two pieces when I decided I was not going to make this like a regular tiered crinoline) With my drop down waist piece, the tulle folded in half was just long enough to stick out by a couple of inches from the skirt I made ( A skirt I made from a girls size 16 holiday style dress. I accidentally bought a girls size dress but thankfully when cut apart the bottom of the dress still made a nice skirt 2 layer tulle, ribbon trim lined skirt for me.) So I cheated again and just started gathering the tulle, stitched it on the band, sewed on some bias tape to make the waist band easier when finishing it off with elastic. I left the hem as is for now. I did think of trimming it off with my pinking shears for a cuter hem, but that would take a while to cut nearly 10 yards of double layer tulle.

I tried on my new outfit and realized I really do need a black Cowboy hat to make the entire outfit come together. How does one pack a cowboy hat and should I . I have an old one but it needs to be cleaned and would I look dumb wearing it on the plane?

So the plans now are to go out at lunch for a mani/pedi. Work on tags tonight and wash clothes. I realized this morning I have not washed clothes in 3 weeks. That is the longest I have ever gone without doing at least one load. Ok off to work I go.