Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dentist and Gustav

I went to the Dentist this week to have him remove all of the old silver fillings from my youth and replace them with the new porcelain white ones. We did the hardest side first and days later my face muscles and teeth still hurt so the for the first time in my life I was scared to go again and have him work on the other side. Now mind you he only had 2 to replace on the second side and a receding gum line ridge to fill in, but I was going to give it a try. Low and behold as some point when the huge needle was being slowly injected into my check I could have sworn he stuck an electric current in my face. I have never felt this in my life! After that I wanted to leave, but then he asked if I wanted the gas. Heck yea! Give me the gas please!

Boy does that stuff make you think funny things. My mind wondered off to various places a few times. By the time I was feeling really good he was done. So I am home now with two sides of my face that hurt from muscle spasms. I have TMJ issues and have already had 2 TMJ surgeries in my life so I am sure part of the pain is due to the muscle spams and not really the Dr's fault at all. My jar will start shivering whenever it gets cold, so bring on the meds. Luckily I have some left over from my foot surgery.

On another note Gustav, the storm, may be headed my families way in southern Louisiana, so I have already gotten the call from one cousin saying she is getting out before they tell them to leave. She's coming with her son and two doggies to stay with me and her mom and dad, My Aunt and Uncle will be staying at my Mom's home. Even if the storm doesn't hit Louisiana she said she's still coming. Right now it looks like it will be a hit to her city. I guess after Rita she decided she was not riding this one out. She actually experineced quite a bit of damage to her home from Rita. We are all tracking Gustav now and who knows it may be a mini Vaughan family reunion around here this weekend. I pray my other Aunt's, Uncle's and cousins get out as well if it does head there way.

I have been cleaning my craft room and my spare room. Well moving furniture around in the spare room. It is pretty clean. Now I have to get moving on the cleaning in the craft room, so I can set up a bed in my craft room. I guess it takes a storm to make me clean my craft room. LOL.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


So Saturday I went shopping. I picked up my blingy new Bvlgari Glasses, which I love even more now that I own them! They feel so good on. I will still wear my aqua and purple plastic puppy chewed frames, but I certainly will never fall to sleep in my new glasses. Yes on many occasion I have slept in my glasses. I never mean to it just seems to happen. I have tenitis, ringing in the ears very badly, and I find it very hard to fall asleep in the quiet; all I hear is the high pitch ring. Drives me crazy. The Dr. told me to go to sleep with background noise, so I set the sleep timer on my TV and fall asleep. I try and take my glasses off before I fall asleep but sometimes I don't and end up sleeping in my glasses. Weird I know but they are comfortable.

Then I headed to Rockwall to hunt for a chippy all frame for a Silver Bella class and to search for a dress at Target. I bought a long knit dress at another Target in brown in my size but they didn't have in the beautiful blue color so I was determined to find it in my size in blue. It is an empire waist dress, which is best for someone like me that does not have a defined waist no matter what size I am, and the spaghetti straps fit me perfectly. I usually have a problem with spaghetti straps on tops or dresses. I always have to alter spaghetti straps or they will fall off my shoulders, but I don't on this dress. It is almost to long for me and I love that. I love to wear dresses especially at home on the weekends,so I had to get it in blue. Well no luck in Rockwall target but I did stop at a little Vintage store and found this really great vintage library table, that I thought would make a fabulous coffee table. It was only $225. In the end I decided to wait to buy it. I guess if my living room was more primitive and shabby chic it would be awesome in my great room; now I don't know if it is perfect for me or not. I still think it is a fabulous old table at 6ft long an 2 ft wide with little cubby holes on each side of the table for holding books. I decided to think on it for a week and if I am still thinking about it next weekend I will drive back and look at it again. I wish I had another living area in my home so I could do one room in shabby chic and one in the old world style I also love. Oh well. I did find an old pine table to use as a night table until I find that perfect piece vintage 1920's style piece. It needs to be painted black to fit in my bedroom , but for $39 it was the right size and better than the shaky tv tray table I have been using for the past year. So all was not lost on my trip to Rockwall on Saturday.