Sunday, August 24, 2008


So Saturday I went shopping. I picked up my blingy new Bvlgari Glasses, which I love even more now that I own them! They feel so good on. I will still wear my aqua and purple plastic puppy chewed frames, but I certainly will never fall to sleep in my new glasses. Yes on many occasion I have slept in my glasses. I never mean to it just seems to happen. I have tenitis, ringing in the ears very badly, and I find it very hard to fall asleep in the quiet; all I hear is the high pitch ring. Drives me crazy. The Dr. told me to go to sleep with background noise, so I set the sleep timer on my TV and fall asleep. I try and take my glasses off before I fall asleep but sometimes I don't and end up sleeping in my glasses. Weird I know but they are comfortable.

Then I headed to Rockwall to hunt for a chippy all frame for a Silver Bella class and to search for a dress at Target. I bought a long knit dress at another Target in brown in my size but they didn't have in the beautiful blue color so I was determined to find it in my size in blue. It is an empire waist dress, which is best for someone like me that does not have a defined waist no matter what size I am, and the spaghetti straps fit me perfectly. I usually have a problem with spaghetti straps on tops or dresses. I always have to alter spaghetti straps or they will fall off my shoulders, but I don't on this dress. It is almost to long for me and I love that. I love to wear dresses especially at home on the weekends,so I had to get it in blue. Well no luck in Rockwall target but I did stop at a little Vintage store and found this really great vintage library table, that I thought would make a fabulous coffee table. It was only $225. In the end I decided to wait to buy it. I guess if my living room was more primitive and shabby chic it would be awesome in my great room; now I don't know if it is perfect for me or not. I still think it is a fabulous old table at 6ft long an 2 ft wide with little cubby holes on each side of the table for holding books. I decided to think on it for a week and if I am still thinking about it next weekend I will drive back and look at it again. I wish I had another living area in my home so I could do one room in shabby chic and one in the old world style I also love. Oh well. I did find an old pine table to use as a night table until I find that perfect piece vintage 1920's style piece. It needs to be painted black to fit in my bedroom , but for $39 it was the right size and better than the shaky tv tray table I have been using for the past year. So all was not lost on my trip to Rockwall on Saturday.

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