Thursday, August 09, 2007

Little Bitty Boy

This little bitty boy is my father. I often think about him this time of year. (He was born in August and passed away September 10th, 1985 when I was 18years old.) I am not quite sure why he was called "little bitty boy" especially since he grew up to be over 6ft tall. I hardly doubt he was ever little for his age but none the less that was his nickname in a family that loves nick names. Over the years his name was shortened down to "Beady boy" and eventually he went by "Beady" and a few other nicknames. Funny thing his birth name was Preston but he never went by that name. I am not quite sure why especially since his grandfather was named Preston and his grandfather went by the name of "PT" as in Preston Thomas. See they have a thing for nicknames. I guess one day I'll explain how I had an Aunt Pete and an Uncle Leslie! That still cracks me up to this day. Shouldn't it have been the other way around?

A month or so ago my cousin gave me this picture of my father. It belonged to her grandmother, my great aunt who recently passed away. OK so she is not my first cousin and more like my 3rd or 4rth cousin but I have known her all my life and our parents, my dad and her mother, were first cousins and grew up as close as sister and brother. I love the fact my Great Aunt had this picture of my father framed in her house all these years. I just wish she had wrote a date on the back so I would know how old he was in the picture. I can only guess he was about 4 or 5. I am just not sure. I laugh at the look on his face. It certainly doesn't appear to be the look of a little boy excited to be sitting or possibly riding on a pony in the early 1940's. The pony doesn't appear to be anymore excited either for that fact. I wish I knew more about this picture. There just isn't anyone in my family left alive to ask so I can only look at it and wonder about this "little bitty boy"
PS.. Does it look like a photo I can print from a scan and work into an art project?