Monday, February 18, 2008

Work Situation Update

Thanks to everyone for the uplifting comments about the work situation. The morning after the email came out, I emailed a Director in another dept that I know pretty well asking if what I did for the company last year in regards to mirgating the two companies together (I listed out everything I did above and beyond my normal that should have included me on the list in this email) and saving the company 200K wasn't enough to get me on the list, then what was; what was it I needed to do to get recgonized at my company? I want to grow my career and to do that I need to get noticed, I know that will help in the man's world in which I work and the company I work for so I did all that last year. In adition to emailing this Director I know pretty well about how I felt about the situation I also spoke to my manager. I asked if he had seen the email and if he knew why we were not on the list again I explained again why I thought I deserved to be on it and I let him know I was upset. He said he really hadn't paid attention to the email but he would look into the situation.

About an hour later I got a phone call from the person that created the list for our CEO to email out. He apologized for the oversight. I could tell from his voice that he truly didn't mean to leave me off and that he made the list up without consulting anyone. He stated he was going to make it up to me somehow, but he could not resend out an email to everyone in the company with an updated list, and I was invited to the dinner with the CEO. I accepted the apology, but I will still need to decide if I shoukd go to the dinner or not. Since my name was left off the list I don't want to show up and have everyone at the dinner think I invited myself. It is good to know this EVP now knows what did and what I do for the company.

I did also find out later that this Director I emailed found out who created the list and spoke to him, and my own manager emailed our own EVP about the situation. So I feel better about the situation. I am proud of myself for speaking up. In the past I would have let it slide and just be upset for a while.

My foot is doing better. I have done nothing other than go to work and home the last 3 weeks. Tonight was my first night to venture out and shop a few hours and boy am I paying for it right now, but I really needed to buy some new shoes. I wore one of my spa sandals to work today, so on the right foot I wore my clunky shoe cast (pictured below) and on the left a Sensi spa sandal. I have 10 days left to wear the lovely show below, at least as far as I know right now. Everyone seems to shocked when I tell them I have to wear the shoe cast to bed. It is not comfortable trust me. I am getting a refill on the Ambien wed.

So thanks agan for the support. It meant alot to me.
I have been busy working on some poof pins. I have been playing around with different fabrics and embellishments for them. I will post some pics tomorrow.