Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ahh, ay last I am home alone. My sister and mom left about an hour ago. They have been at my house since Christmas Eve night. We had a nice small relaxing Christmas day at my house. The first in my new home. It was odd not having the littleones around, but we will do Christmas with them when they get back in town. I sure did miss them.
Mt sister gave me some lovely Crystal glasses. 8 of them, but they just were not my style and I can't seem to find my style anywhere out there, sooo they day after Christmas we shoppped! I got instead some new towells instead. Not your ordinary towell, but some from a line called the Hotel Collection at Macy's in a color called Butter Cream. I have been drooling over those towells for almost a year now. They are soft, thick and just to die for; they feel so good on your body! Luxrious to the hilt. One bath sheet normally cost $50 and the wash cloth is normally $10 for one! A wash cloth for $10 is just crazy! But we hit a 60% off sale plus we had three coupons for additional cost savings. I got 3 bath sheets, 2 hand towells, 1 bath mat, and 4 wash cloths for $62.00 and that was with tax! At full price they would have cost me $245.oo making them unaffordable for me. So long 1o year old green towells, hello butter cream! I know why they cost so much. They are yummy!

My puppy was an angel on Christmas day. He didn't tear up on gift and didn't even go after the wrapping paper. He sure loves my brother and stuck by his side most of the day. He is such a great 6 1/2 month old puppy. Not an accident inside the house in weeks.

I hope all of you had a blessed Christmas and have a Happy New Year!