Monday, March 24, 2008

Exciting Family News!

I found out yesterday I am going to be an Aunt again. This will make it only the 3rd time and the first child for my brother, Damon. He is 43 and going to be a Dad for the first time. I am actually getting two for the price of one. No not twins at least not as far as we know right now, but his girlfriend Michelle already has a 10 year old son, Nathan.

After last Christmas I had a feeling Michelle and Nathan were going to be a permanent part of our family and I was right. Nathan loves my brother and has been wanting to call him dad for a while now, and now he is. My brother is the only Father figure in Nathan's life. He is a very sweet boy and I am happy to call him my nephew. I think he is thrilled to not only get a Dad, a new sibling but also a grandma and a big extended family! I think he has probably always wanted a family and now his dream is coming true. Funny thing he did ask my Mom at Christmas if she would be at the wedding when my brother and his mom got married. It was a little premature at the time, but he knew even then what he wanted.

So by Thanksgiving 2008 we will have a new baby in the family and I am thrilled. Thrilled to see my brother so happy and excited to welcome a new addition to the family!