Sunday, September 16, 2007

Company Social Event Planner

I have been planning a company party over the last few weeks. Single handily mind you! me plan an event all on my own for over 260 employees? I had a little help and since I mostly work with men, I mostly used them for advise on ideas while I did all the leg work. I did put the men in charge of the alcohol; I work for a private company now and yep we can have alcohol at our on site parties. I am now freaking myself out over this party. The "Social Event" is tomorrow and I just keeping thinking in the back of my mind that I forgot something. Then I think what if no one shows up, what if no one has fun, what if my party is a bomb? What if the caterer does not show up? It is my head on the platter if it is a bust or I go over budget. I just can't go over budget. Yes, I am stressing. I am not a party planner. I am an "ideas" person not the follow through person.

I spent 2 hours at work today making sure the surprise part of the got set up. I still have tons to do tomorrow and I told my manager I would be working on party stuff all day tomorrow. So tomorrow I will be stressing on work and on everything I didn't get done on Monday. I have to set up chairs, tables, snacks, get a sign made, have a picture blown up and framed, make sure my plastic cups and drinks are delivered. Gather all the prizes and someone get electricity into the room we are using. UGH! Someone was to make sure the electricity thing would happen for me but I discovered this afternoon I still do not have electricity in my party room. This party just has to be a hit. Now I pray I will actually get some sleep tonight. How did I get picked to do this?