Monday, February 05, 2007

Work Update

Right now my life seems to be centered around my job. Some wonderful things have been going my way. I wish I could tell all , but for now I have to keep everything under my hat and just say some people are finally realizing what sort of worker and buyer I am. After 7 years with this company I am finally being seen and getting the recognition I deserve. Now to just wait and see how things pan out. I may have some life altering decisions to make soon. I pray when that day comes I make the best decision for me and my future. I am tired of being underpaid without a chance to advance my career. I feel stronger about what I do and who I am as a procurement specialist than I have ever before in my life. I love my job and the company I work for, and now that we have a VP of Procurement I am excited about my future. For now I have to sit and wait to see how everything plays out for me over the next few weeks. I pray I keep a solid level head. I want to stay humble and dedicated.

On another note a Dr. has discovered a reason for some of her sever pain, a buldging disk in her neck. She received a pain killer shot that has helped her to feel like her old self. My puppy is getting bigger and becoming a bit of a spoiled pet. He has learned to bark to get what he wants or so he thinks. When I jump in the shower so does Walker. He loves water. He stays in for as long he wants and then he pushes the glass door open to get out. Very strange puppy if you ask me. He gets motion sickness. He gets sick every time he goes for a car ride. I need to find something I can give him for short trips. he loves to visit my mom but he hates to get in the car because he gets sick every time he gets in it. He now runs from me if he sees I want to take him with me.

My cousin that was shot in the back of the head in a hunting accident is in a rehab facility after we were all told he would not live. Miracles do still happen. He even knows who his family is and that is an even better sign. My Dad's Aunt, my great Aunt that was admitted into critical ICU a week or so ago with a 50/50 chance of living is out of critical ICU and now in the critical care ward. We think she got salmonella poisoning from peanut butter. the Dr's. kept thinking she had the flu and by the time she went back to the Dr. a third time in two weeks the rushed her to Dallas from east Texas to be admitted to the hospital right away in ICU. Her body was shutting down. Now everything but her blood pressure has leveled out. The Dr's. can not seem to find why her blood pressure drops for no reason. She is in her late 60's and was close to my dad growing up.

I am ready for Spring and can not wait to start worrking in my yard again.