Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wed. I mean Tuesday!

Geesh all day I thought it was Wed. the 13rth. I had my manager thinking it was wed as well. We were all set to go to a meeting across the street when I couble checked my outlook calendar, it was still the 12th and our meeting it tomorrow! No wonder I didn't get my 15 min reminder notice. Monday flew by at work and so did today. I hope this helps to make it feel like a short week. :-)

After work I headed back to Pottery Barn with my mom to return a chair. You see last year I bought my first kitchen table fo rmy new house at bassett furniture. It was one of those design your own. I really wanted a Pottery barn table but I just could not afford it, so the day I happened in to bassett they were having a 50% off sale on one item only that day, so I bought my kitchen table. The builders had not even started building my house and I was buying a table. Bassett held the table until my house was built thankfully. Well at that time I didn't have th emoney to buy 4 to 6 chairs. I figured I could buy them this year. Well I can but now Bassett no longer offers the design your own chairs. Well not like when I bought my table. I was looking forward to picking out the legs to match my table but when I got to Bassett I discovered not only could I not design my own chair they did not have any chairs with legs that matched my table! I was so bummed! Now what do I do? So I wondered over to Pottery Barn hoping they had black chairs to match. I bought a floor sample but it did not match. My table has a little bit more sheen on it than the Pottery Barn chairs. Oh well I guess I am stuck buying some Bassett chairs after all. Now to wait for their next 20% off sale.

And since I was at Pottery barn it was not much to drive to IKEA yet again. My 3rd trip this month. I never go to Ikea. But I got some more things to finish organizing my craft room. I seem to be in an organizing mood. Hopefully I will be all organized when all the fun starts on the Silver Bella website I am itching to get my creative mojo back.

Ok that is all for now. I just pray I sleep through the night tonight!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Still no Velvet...

I guess I should admit that she will never come back. I was out in my backyard today wth my dog and I tought I heard a cat crying. It gave me hope. The sound was coming from the country home behind me. I decided then to check out an area of the country home's yard down at the end of my street. There is still an empty lot on my street. As I got closer I did hear a cat meowing. I got very excited and thought this was my long lost Velvet and she was just stuck in this barn. My cousin's daughter came over and helped my climb over the barbed wire fence. It was that or a fence surrounded by poison ivy. I climbed over to only find out it was a very tiny kitten that would cry louder everytime I called out for Velvet and ran as I got closer to it. I had gotten all excited for nothing. I really thought it was my sweet Velvet.

Above is a picture of my 3 of my 4 fur babies, but I guess I am back to three again just not these three. Velvet is the grey kitty on the right and in the center of the center picture. I had her since she was about 4 weeks old. a co worker found her and gave her to me.

Oh and I did speak to the country home owners and they know the kitty is back there and they are trying to catch it. It is pretty ferrell and they have yet to catch it. They are leaving food out for it.

On another note my craft room is coming along very nicely. I hope to have some photos posted soon. I have to go back to Ikea to get some more boxes and a shelf. Hopefully I will be crafting all weekend!