Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Junkin' w/ Heather

I was so lucky this Saturday that I got to meet and spend the day with Heather Ales and go junkin'. OK so we met up at her house, I live about an hours drive away from her and she was just as sweet and funny in person as she is online. I can't thank her enough for going with me at basically the spur of the moment to something called "Antique Alley" which is a 25mile span of garage sales and canton type junk booth along FM4 starting in Cleburne and running through Grandview and ending in Maypearl. All cities I have never visited in all the years I have lived in Texas.

We started out early and thought we were headed the right direction thankfully Heather was so easy going since I didn't really have any exact directions beyond we need to get on FM4 in Cleburne. First off we stumbled upon the Cleburne Flea Market, it looked it could be worth something so we walked a round a bit. I am so glad Heather wanted to walkover to this one booth which looked like to me it was just filled with lots of rusty old tools, and men type stuff. While Heather was looking at an old foldable tape measure I spied a box of Domino's. Not just any box of Domino's but a box of old wooden Crown Domino's. We booth got so excited because there were raised Crowns on them! Then dumb me forgot the technique of not get excited before you ask what the price is, but fortunately the price was perfect; we got the whole box for a whopping yes I said whopping $1. Woohoo! We joked about this find the rest of the day.

Then later on we hit another garage sale even before we got on the "Antique Alley" trail because yes we were sort of lost because of me but this garage sales was awesome and we found some really great items there as well. Heather found the cutest antique looking Silver Bells.

After Heather asked a cop at a stop light for directions to Antique Alley and after we turned around a few times we found it! Now let me tell you it should not be called Antique Alley it should really be called Junk Yard Alley because there were more clothes, old rusty tools and just plain junk along this trail than a little. How would one describe this trail? Well every so many miles people opened up their farm land and rented out spots on their land for vendors to set up and sale their wares or junk. Sometimes we would be walking through a few front yards going from booth to booth or we would be walking in what is normally an open field full of about 20 booths. I wish we had taken pictures because it is really hard to describe but we had a great day together and found some great crafting items. Heather was just so wonderful to spend time with. She is generous and sweet and I can't wait to spend more time with her. It was so nice to hang out with someone that was as easy going as I was.
Thanks Heather for an awesome day!

I still have yet to figure what exactly to do with my 4ft tall wire birdcage. LOL.