Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coming Down From a Glitter High

WOW! What an amazing Glitter fest this year at Silver Bella! The classes were fabulous, the teachers awesome and vendor night Amazing! I just wish I could have spent more money and bought something from every vendor there! So a note to the vendors if you have items left over please add them to your website and/or etsy shop so this shopaholic can still buy somethings later from ya.

Ok so I started this post a couple of weeks ago. I swear it took me a that long to fully recover from Silver Bella. I got home and slept approx 12 hours that Sunday. It was a great exhaustion and it sure was hard to go back to work the next day. In fact all that week was hard on me. I soon realized that my iron must also be low and started taking my iron pills and sure enough I was back to the old me in no time.

Fast Forward a few weeks and now it is Thanksgiving week and weekend. I spent that day at my cousin Lisa's house not to far away with 42 of my paternal family members. Now mind you I only have 2 paternal first cousins and no they do not have 20 kids each, so many of my relatives at this dinner are cousins, my dad's first cousins their families and etc. This year it included lots of guests. My lone Great Aunt, Aunt Betty Jane was in the hospital this year. She is the last of the 4 McLaughlin sisters that helped create the large brood at our Thanksgiving dinners. Sadly the day after Thanksgiving my Aunt passed away.

My mom, and I as well as various other family members went to visit my Aunt on Christmas day and when we saw her she was not doing well at all. She was in much pain and had only been given 6 to 9 months to live. For a lady in so much pain she knew who I was and was very much her sassy self. She cracked a joke or two and was watching the Dallas Cowboys on TV. She will be greatly missed but she is now with the Lord, in his loving arms and pain free.

I did a little shopping on Black Friday, not much but enough to realize the mall was not crowded at all. I have a few of my family members taken care of now so that feels good. I am going to make some additional soldered charms for some others.

I spent all day yesterday cleaning my closet and bedroom. It was past time to bring out the sweaters and out away the shorts and tanks. I did also get rid of loads of clothes I no longer wear for one reason or other. My car is packed and ready for a trip to Goodwill. It felt so good getting rid of some many clothes. I had waaay to much in my 13 foot long closet. I still have to much and will go through it again when it is time to change everything back. I took to heart the show "What Not to Wear"and got rid of any stained, torn , not great fitting and clothes that I no longer wear. I have so many extra velvet hangers now it is not funny. From here on out I only buy items I love of well made quality, items that fit me perfectly and look good on me. No more buying something I like that fits poorly that is on sale. My items need to work together and I need to buy some items off of Tim Gunn's must have 10 wardrobe essential items.

I will try and post Silver Bella pics tomorrow. And I need to post pics of my sweet 28 day old nephew. He was a perfect Thanksgiving baby. He got passed around and around and didn't get fussy until it was time to eat or be changed.

i promise pics tomorrow.