Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Count Down to Silver Bella's

I am going to Silver Bella's in November! I can hardly wait! It is about all things glittery and handmade. I am in awe already of some of the ladies that are going this year! WOW! Such amazing talent! I do no thave an online website, I have never been published, I am not on a design team, I'm just a person that likes to do crafts and sew, and I tend to collect crafts supplies with great intentions of making stuff but I just never do. I am hoping this event and these ladies will be just the kick in the read I need to get me moving again!.

on another note, my beautifull tiny cat Velvet is gone. She walked out a little over a week ago and she has not come back. I have done everything I can do. I just hope and pray now that someone found her and has given her a great home. She was my winter foot warmer and I miss her.