Thursday, April 12, 2007

Puppy Love

My Puppy Walker has lost his little girlfriend. My next door neighbors had the cuetest little puppy, Princess and my 10 month old puppy, Walker loved her. When I was out of town last week Walker stayed with my Mom upon returning home the first thing Walker did was go to the fence where he and little princess meet each day. I guess Princess missed Walker so much she moved rocks out from under our adjoining fence to dig a hole under it to greet Walker because before I knew it she was in my yard! They ran around and played with great joy. After a while I pushed her back through the hole and blocked it off again. She was the sweetest puppy. Last saturday while I was working in my front yard Walker got out and ran right to the fence gate keeping Princess behind barsm well the little thing dug under the fence again to get to Walker to play. I let them play for a while and then placed her back in her yard, but she would not stay so I brought her to my yard and stuck a note on their door telling them I had her in my yard. Well I guess that was the last straw because since Sunday Princess has ben missing and Walker has been heartsick I am sure. Every day he goes to the fence to look for her. He sticks his nose under the fence and whines for her. he runs up and down the fence to all their shared holes looking and calling for her even barking for her but she is not there, so yesterday I asked what happened to Princess and I was told they got rid of her, they took her to their Father's house. They said she was too much to handle and too much work. I told them my puppy misses her and keeps looking for her under the fence. My heart broke for Walker. His playmate has been taken away. Poor little puppy. It was Puppy Love!