Monday, November 09, 2009

Silver Bella or Bust 2009

I have been such a bad blogger this year hopefully after Silver Bella all that will change at least it is on my list of things to change. So I am off to Silver Bella again this year and I am just as excited if not more about going this year. I am looking forward to seeing all my Bella friends and meeting new ones. The classes, the Silver Bella bus tour, the luncheon, shopping at the stores in downtown Omaha, Upstream Brewery (yum their cheese beer soup), Second Chances, my roommates, the swaps, the teachers, the after part on Saturday night this year, and the VENDOR NIGHT!

My swaps are almost all done. I am taking off work tomorrow to finish everything up. I have wonderful cousin Leah staying at my home to watch the fur babies this year. I will be sad this time next week as it will be all over but my oh my am I looking forward to Silver Bella like no other vacation I have ever been on. It's like I finally feel apart of a sorority. I didn't get asked to be in one after going through rush my sophomore year in College but this event so makes up for that rejection.
So Omaha you better be ready for us we are taking over!