Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Yes I am alive and well. I'm sorry I have not posted in a while. December was quite hectic at work and then to add Christmas on top of it, I was very busy and very tired. I has sort of been off since Christmas Eve. I say sort off because I have been working during this last week when the company has officially been closed from Christmas day until Jan 2nd. Two weeks before Christmas I decided to put up my Christmas tree, which meant of course unboxing over 60 Hallmark Wizard of Oz Ornaments as well as the couple of hundred other ornaments I also add to the themed Wiz tree with red glitter accents. So after doing the tree I of course had to decorate more of my home, not as much as last year, but the red curtains went up as well as a few other items. I am happy with how it turned out and since I put it up so late it just may stay up a few more weeks for my enjoyment.

Christmas was ok. I spent Christmas Eve night at my sister's not far from my Mom's. Mom's house was just to cluttered and full of people and stuff this year. With a new baby in the house and no place to sleep other than the floor or on an old sleeper sofa mattress, I opted for the twin bed at my sister's new apartment just 3 miles away from my Mom's. And I couldn't leave my dog, Walker at home, so he also spent the night at my sister's. I now am so glad I never got a dog while I was in an apartment, I hated walking him several times a day.

Christmas morning my sister, her two dogs and me and Walker headed over to Mom's where we spent a rather rough day together. Mom was not in a good mood at all and was overly sensitive to say the least. She was Mrs sarcastic and a little too much so for my liking. For the first time in my life I cursed at my Mom. I won't repeat what I said, but I was done with the attitude. I have no idea what set her off but enough was enough with the sarcastic comments, and it worked. I feel bad but I just couldn't handle her attitude on Christmas day no less especially after we had such a lovely day at my home last year.

Then to add insult to injury no one got me anything on my Christmas list. I do not get why they try to over think me and get my stuff I didn't ask for. They give me their lists and I buy off their lists but do they do the same for me, NO and I have no clue as to why not! My list has been virtually the same the last two years. (I know because I keep a list all year long in my outlook tasks menu) I added a few things to it this year, but nope not a single thing bought off my list this year or last. So why in the heck do they ask me for a list when they have already decided what they want to buy for me? In fact Mom and I went shopping together before Christmas and we passed some stools, she commented one on stool and I said no I do not want one like that. I do not have room in my craft room for that type of stool. I want a stool that will fit all the way under my craft table so when I decide to stand up and work it will not be in my way. My craft room is on the small size, and I wanted a small saddle type stool. Needless to say I was very surprised to open a box from my mom and it contained this exact same stool that I had told her I did not want. UGH! Then my sister gave me an i-robot scooba floor cleaner. Now before you pass judgement on me for being ungrateful the reason we all started making lists was to make sure we got each other thins that person would actually like. I got everyone in my family except my brother and his wife items off their list and the only reason I didn't get them items off their list was my brother never gives me a list so I am constantly trying to think outside the box to get him something. So this year my sister and I got them a gift together, a professional style popcorn popper. They have lots of parties and this would a gift to save them money from renting one ever again for a party. Ok so back to the scooba. I am still undecided about it. it is a cool gift do not get me wrong, but since I bought the area rug for my living room this summer I just do not have a big empty bare floor for this item to work really well in and I would still need to mop in the corners and such. This round thing would not work really well in my bathrooms, it would miss spots, so I am undecided on if I keep it or not. If I do keep it I would still need to buy a steam cleaner like a shark or something in that vain to clean the spaces the scooba would miss.

I did get a barbecue grill! I can't wait to get it set up and use it and with the way the weather has been around here I may be able to use it this winter. I left everything at my Mom's and have yet to pick them up. I'll go by tomorrow after work and pick everything up. Yes on top of working on through my holiday break and not getting anything done that I had planned to get done, I have to go to work tomorrow! Why oh why didn't I take the day off like everyone else including my manager! Oh well, I may just take a week off later this month and I promise I will not work through it.

I am hoping and praying 2009 is much better than 2008.
Some goals of mine in 2009:

Get Healthy!
Clean craft room
Get etsy sight up and running
Pay off two bills so I can buy new living room furniture to match the new carpet
Buy curtains for living room
Buy shades for windows in home. (After 3 years it's time to get rid of the paper temporary shades don't you think?)
Paint Bedroom and guest bedroom
Sew Roman shade for craft room (I have had the fabric for 2 years now)
Find a Home Church - get back involved in one
Spend more time with friends and family than home alone
Find and add tile to fireplace.
Finish refurbishing items in garage
Clean Garage!

I think that is a good start.

I would love to add go on a beach vacation this year, but we shall see.
Let alone add find a boyfriend, we shall see. LOL.

Oh yea this is a must get more crafty and post more!

have a Blessed 2009 and please stay in touch,
This year I am going to do some giveaways.
So stay tuned!