Monday, January 05, 2009


Well I gave in and started taking down the tree tonight. Why does it takes so many hours to put up a tree and so much fewer to take down? I did hate putting away all those boxed Hallmark ornaments but I do so love them hanging on my tree.

I also cleaned out my craft room! I can't believe it! With my mom's help Sunday I pulled everything, but the furniture out of my craft room to clean it up and change it up a bit. I rearranged the furniture and pray this move will be the magic layout for me. The other just never really worked for me. It does look like I have more room this way. Funny thing, my mom goes OK let's start moving everything back in the room and I was like NO. It is going back in slowly and in an organized fashion. I don't care if it takes me a few weeks to bring all the supplies back in the room as long as they go back in organized. I need to decide what I want to keep, sale and/or give away.

I need to find everything as it comes back so I can finish off all my class projects from Silver Bella 2007 and 2008 plus my PaperCowgirl classes! I pray I keep it better organized this go around. Why do arts an craft supplies get so messy and disorganized on me,y especially when I can keep everything else organized. I mean my closet is organized my type, then color and then by style. For instance all my tops are organized by color (ROYGBIV), then my sleeveless to long sleeves. Is that so crazy?

I'll upload photos of my room later.
Then I can have a CREATIVE 2009!