Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So yet again it is time for the Olympics and I am thinking to myself yea finally one year I get to watch all of the Olympics because alas I am in fiber optic heaven in my new home in my new 2006 subdivision. I love it. I can hardly wait to get home to watch all of the Olympics there is not a reason I should miss anything this year. Weather is perfect not a reason for any service to be down heck it is brand new service with a bright shiny silver dvr on my wonderful fiber optic system! I am good to go. My Olympic curse of missing some part of the Olympics at last is over. But oh wait! Not just yet and not this Olympics.

First let me relate my past Olympic watching experiences to you. Let's see the past Summer Olympics in Greece, well I had cable and I was blessed to be able to watch the opening ceremonies not just once but over and over again for nearly 48 hours straight on regular TV in HDTV and I don't even own an HDTV. I can recall vividly that beautiful opening shot over the the gorgeous blue ocean with all the white roof tops. I watched it so many times I wanted to go to Greece by about the 7th or 8th showing. Whatever I may have missed of the opening ceremonies not a problem I saw everything without a dvr! I called my cable company they stated there wasn't and issue with the telecast. I was watching the regular feed. Not so says I , I happen to have bought a radio with a TV tuner on it and guess what, what I was watching was not what was on my regular local channel feed. After about 5 very upsetting calls into the cable company I visited my apartment complex office and showed them the issue. They finally called in to get the situation rectified but not after missing a whole weekend of Olympics.

Then therewas the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, I was at a birthday party where upon I was recording the pairs figure skating finals. I remember telling a friend not problem I am recording them at home I will pass on my vcr tape to you when I get done with it. Low and behold I get home to watch an hour of skating without any sound. What is figure skating without the music? Then my tape goes straight to snow, oh no not the down hill variety, just the I am not getting a damn signal kind!
Then there was the time we got a huge storm during the Olympics and our local service was out for a 24 hours. I recall something else going on during another Olympics before that, but so many other cable issues have happened since It is all "snow".

So this year, Valentines day, I get home early to eat dinner and curl up on the couch to watch what, The Olympics, but oh wait just my luck my Olympic cable curse is back, All I see is snow and channel available shortly! I call in to report my issue and get told unless 2 other people in my neighborhood call in to report the same issue I am screwed until tomorrow. But to add to the mix I called in this morning to find out why my cable has not been buried under ground and I am told it should have been done Monday. It was scheduled then. So to add to my pain I figure the cable company drove out to my street number counter part and said there isn't a cable to bury here and drove off. Oh yes this stupid city planner double number 2 houses on the same street. UGH! So not only am I in Olympic hell I am double street address hell now! UGH! I will save those stories for another entry. But alas thank god for those old vhs tapes and my dvd player. Thank God for old technology!