Monday, June 22, 2009

It's a Girl!

It's a Girl, no I am not pregnant nor am I expecting but I did add a new little girl to my life.
Her name is CoCo. She is a sweet tiny bit of a thing and a Papillon. You haven't heard of Papillons you say, well neither did I until last month. After shopping all day for bridal dresses for my soon to be SIL, I made them go into the pet store where I viewed and played with my first Papillon. Now mind you when I asked how big the puppy would get I was told 12 to 18 pounds.
And no I did not buy Coco at a pet store but instead I went home and did my research on this breed. I found out these dogs are very smart and can be trained in agility but the nice part is they are more known for being lap dogs. Maybe this was my answer for Walker a playmate at last. A dog that liked to play but was a bit calmer in nature.

So I started researching breeders in Texas. Wow are these Pups are expensive but oh so worth.
it! I knew I wanted a girl so that narrowed it down, then by chance I found one website that took me to another website that took me to my breeders website. Placed a call on Sunday worked out a deal on the adoption fee and Monday was on my way to east Texas to pick up by new little bundle. And here she is. CoCo. Yes, after the French designer CoCo Channel. It fit so perfectly. I love fashion, she is a French breed and is sable(brown) in coloring. And a cuter name to boot for a tiny cute puppy.

After a bit of research I found out they are the ranked 8th in intelligence of all breeds of dogs and number 1 in toy breeds. They were the dogs of royalty during Marie Antoinette's reign and she fancied these dog so much she left a whole palace to them upon her demise so her precious babies could be cared for after she was gone. It is called to this day the Papillon House. Yes, Papillon means Butterfly and they are named after their ears, which my little CoCo is growing into.

Did I tell you she is tiny? Well at 11weeks and 2 days ( her vet told me this) she weighed 1.4pounds. Here she is at 14 weeks old, this past Saturday next to my TV cable remote.

This is CoCo at 9 weeks old, a month ago. She's grown some but not much. I was very surprised to see how tiny she was when I went to pick her up. You see in all my research I forgot to research size. I just went by the pup in the pet store. (which by the way was way to big for a Pap) Paps can be between 3 and 9 pounds, and by the way CoCo is growing and what I saw of her Mom, CoCo will be between 4 and 5 pounds if I am lucky. We shall see.

How does my feisty, Type A dog, Walker feel about her, well see for yourself. I never dreamed they would get along as well as they do. I guess he will decide if she is his girlfriend or sister.
They play well together and CoCo also knows when to run to Me for safety, but don't make CoCo cry or you will have to contend with Walker. He is a sweet dog too, but a protector breed by nature.

OK so tonight I will update with pics of creative things. I have been creative lately. Very creative but this new edition hastaken up some of my free time and how could it not.