Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Vacation Week

I took this past week off from work to spend time with my niece and nephew. Dumb me didn't take any pictures all week but I sure had fun playing with them. My neice was going to spend 3 nights and 4 days with me but in the end she only managed 2 days and 2 nights. She is 7 1/2 and at 10pm on Monday evening she started crying and come to find out she just wanted to go home so I called her Mommy and she came and picked her up. My mom and I then went antique shopping on Tuesday after a quick trip to the Doctor's. On wed she drove my car to her next Dr's appt only to find out the Dr. wanted to admit her to the hospital. He didn't like all her pains and what her heart sounded like. She is still in the hospital and hopefully will come home tomorrow. I couldn't take her to the Dr on wed because I had to wait for my new furniture. I gave in and bought a new luxerious pillowtop high profile mattress and boxer spring. I now have to crawl up into bed and I love it! My new craft table and bar stools also showed up. On thursday afternoon I picked up my almost 4 yr old nephew to spend a few nights with me he also only lasted 2 nights. He was so cute though and said "I want to stay 4 days all the way to my pinkie!". Last night he goes "it's at my pinkie now. I want to go home" It was late so I convinced him to get in bed where upon he fell asleep. Now I spoke to both Mommy and Daddy so they knew he wanted to go home. My brother asked for me to get him in bed and see if he would fall asleep, and my SIL was ready to come get him after she was done scrapping, but by the time she was on her way he was asleep so I talked her out of coming.

Then I was blessed upong taking him home where upon both my niece and nephew and my SIL helped me clean my car. My SIL helped me steam clean the fllor board carpets since earlier that week my mom spilt shrimp juice on the floor. Can you say STIIINKKK in 90 degrees weather? Now my car in 4 yr old terms is "clean and shiny" except the engine since he didn't get to look at the engine like he wanted to. LOL.

I did hit some great finds antique shopping. I bought a 1 gallon baggie of vintage rick rack, seam binding and bias tape for $3.00. I will post a pic tomorrow. Then I was saddened to go to the store I always visitied to buy vintage seam binding on the roll for around $2 and $4.75 a roll depnding on how many yards was on the roll only to find out she was now selling the vintage seam binding by the yard! It was marked $.75 a yard! Not cool at all! Then I hit the jack pot in someone else's area in the same store a roll of navy vintage seam binding for $2.75 for the roll. I didn't have Navy so I snatched it up! The lady who checked me out was shocked I had found the roll in the store for $2.75. She tried to sale it to me for $.75 a yard. I was very happy for my finds this past week. I will post pics tomorrow. For now I am going to bed in my luxerious bed! Ahhhhh.