Sunday, January 21, 2007

My New Addiction

Ok now I know why they call them "crackberries". I just can't get this out of my hot little hands since I got it earlier this month. My new VP wanted me to have one and I picked this new version. I just love it! It has the coolest feature on it, Voice Recognition. No preloading my voice in it, I just say a name and it asks me questions to make sure it dials the right number for me. Perfect for driving! I can just say "call mom" and it dials my mom's number; if I say "call Kelly" it will go through all the "Kelly's" in my address book until I say yes, then it will ask me which number. How cool is that?! I even get emails on it! So if you know my work email address, email me anytime! Can I just say it is way cooler than any other Blackberry out there right now. It is small like a normal phone, so email me anytime!

I have been busy sewing sheer curtans for my house. Next Saturday will be my 1 year new home anniversary! In the last year, I have bought a fridge, recovered my couch and chaise, made a new new bedskirt and douvet cover for my bedroom, bought a lawnmower, seeded my back yard with grass (note to self the backyard still needs trees, more rose bushes and more grass panted), painted 3 rooms, and got a dog! My little buddy Walker! This is him now. At some point last month he learned water comes out of the faucet. He nows makes my relaxing baths not so relaxing as I am constantly trying to block from jumping in the tub. So now he has learned to do this.