Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1. 5 Things I Couldn't Live Without for Under $5

Route 44 Lemon Berry,Cherry Limeade or a Strawberry Limeade Slushy from Sonic

I will have to think on this one a bit longer. Not having kids most of my things are over $5.00

One thing I can't live without is my Blackberry but it is a bit more than $5.00. LOL.

2. 5 Favorite Movies

The Wizard of Oz

American President

Never Been Kissed

Any Jane Austin Movie

Lucky 7 - a movie starring Patrick Dempsey and Kimberly Williams Paisley. I stumbled across it at blockbuster a few years ago and have since seen it some of the cable channels.

3. 5 Baby Names I Love But Won't Use- OK changing this one to names I would LOVE and HOPE to USE one day


Vaughan (for either or girl or boy - It's a family last name)

Preston Thomas ( after my dad, Great Uncle, and Great Grandfather)

Eva or Ava ( My maternal grandmother's name was Eva and no grandchild was given that name)

Hollyn - I just like it

4. 5 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over Again-

I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me

DreamGirls CD - The Original Broadway Show CD (I saw the original BB musical on Broadway in the 80's and have had the CD as soon as it came out on CD ever since).

Any song by Trisha Yearwood

Any song by Wynonna

5. 5 People Who Have Influenced My Life In A Positive Way

A friend and former Pastor - Gary (He was my friend years before he ever became a pastor and then just a friend again)

My old high school theatre Teacher - John Steele

My mom

Michael - My former VP at the company I used to work for

Howard- A Colleague at the company I used to work for.

6. 5 Things That Stay In My Purse At All Times



Pen, but I never can seem to find it when I need it

Lip gloss-But I always forget to apply it

Safety Pin because you never know

7. 5 Moments That Have Changed My Life Forever

Becoming a Christian

The Day my Dad Died or rather the morning my Mom told me he died the night before

The Day I graduated from College

The day I got laid off from my job as a belt designer / sales rep in the fashion industry

The day my mom taught me how to sew

8. 5 Obsessions I Have Right Now

The Container Store

Playing sudoku on my Blackberry

Working in my yard

Decorating my Home or my attempt to decorate it

My dog, Walker

9. 5 Places I Would Like To Go


South of France

Prince Edwards Island in Canada

Tahiti/Bora Bora