Monday, February 06, 2006

All Moved In!

Yes, I am home at last! My Mom stayed a week with me getting everything set up. I took her home Saturday evening but she has to come back next weekend to help me finish some projects. She helped me get started on painting some rooms. We need to paint the kitchen next weekend so I can get it all organized. I still have items on the counter tops that I can't wait to get in place on top of my upper cabinets, but no use doing that until I paint up there. I need some one here with me to paint in case I should god forbid fall off the ladder. I borrowed one from my brother but it is wobbly to say the least. I need a little giant. ( another thing to add to my wish list)
My Mom siste rin law and cousin are going to have a house warming party for me. My Mom wants to have it open house style but I am unsure. I like the idea of a shower style, but then I want my couple friends to come too, so I am unsure on what to have them have for me. Anyone with house warming ideas? I want to register at Linens-N-Things and/or Pottery Barn and/or Target so people will have an idea of some things I still need. Shoot I figure for all of the house warming, bridal showers, baby showers, and wedding showers I have been to over the last upteen years it's my time now. So why not. You can sign up for a house warming gift registry at all of those places. I want the joy of registering for it all just like everyone else.
I will try and post some new pics tomorrow.