Tuesday, January 08, 2008

White Itty Bitty Book page - final

So I had a little problemo with my EK heart punch. The small problem being that it BROKE when I went to make the small hearts for the 26 copies of the original. UGH! It was the only tiny heart punch I had and I had already printed out all 26 copies of the front so I had to find a way to cover the small hearts on the copies with some sort of other embellishment. Luckily I did have 2 other heart punches I could use to cover up the small ones on the printed copies. For my other embellishments I also used vintage 1930's rhinestones, a small silk flower and stickles glitter. I thought of adding more but sometimes ya know simple is good.

Now to see if I can get EK to replace my pratically new heart punch.

Monday, January 07, 2008


I decided to join a few Valentine's day swaps. I figure it is one way to get something in my mail on Valentines day since I do not have a sweetheart plus make the holiday fun and hopefully get my out of the dumps I am in. I think they are all closed now. I found 2 of them them through Jessi's blog and one from Jenn's. I think I read their blogs daily. They all sounded like fun and I can't wait to start creating for them.