Tuesday, January 08, 2008

White Itty Bitty Book page - final

So I had a little problemo with my EK heart punch. The small problem being that it BROKE when I went to make the small hearts for the 26 copies of the original. UGH! It was the only tiny heart punch I had and I had already printed out all 26 copies of the front so I had to find a way to cover the small hearts on the copies with some sort of other embellishment. Luckily I did have 2 other heart punches I could use to cover up the small ones on the printed copies. For my other embellishments I also used vintage 1930's rhinestones, a small silk flower and stickles glitter. I thought of adding more but sometimes ya know simple is good.

Now to see if I can get EK to replace my pratically new heart punch.


Casii said...

Love this white page!
And how you used the heart punch mess as an opportunity for creative embellishment.

Jana said...

I'm so happy you contributed to this book too, don't you just love the finished product!!