Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Blahs & Vintage Find

It is Monday and I so did not want to go to work today. It took everything I had to get myself dressed for work. I so wanted to call in and take a personal day. I have about 36 I need to take this year. I carried 8 days over from last year and I even cashed out two weeks! I no longer can cash days out so I must use them but thankfully I can carry over 150 hours each year. Regardless I still did not want to go to work. Ever have one of those days? Hopefully the rest of the week will pick up.

I met a longtime friend for lunch and was saddened to find out she has cancer. She had a spot on her intestine last year but that was taken care of and when she went back in for her 3 month check up they did some sort of urine test and found cancer cells. Sill more body scans and MRI's and no mass anywhere. The cancer cells are floating in her body somewhere and her body is trying to fight them off and in doing so she is having so neurological issues. She goes to a neuro surgeon this week and hopefully he will have some answers for her. I pray so. She is a wonderful, beautiful lady with an incredible husband and 2 beautiful young daughters. We've been through a lot stuff together and she certainly does not need this.

I found a great use for some of my vintage postcards. I placed them in some frames in my bedroom over the holidays. Oh and the small one is a tag made by my friend, Jennifer Ellefson. Don't they all look so cute in my frames? Now to find some Vintage Valentine's ones to place in these frames.

Ok, so right before Christmas I found this cute salt and pepper shaker. They don't go with my holiday decor but they were just too darn cute to pass up. Isn't Mrs Santa adorable in her glasses. That is a mitten she is holding in her hands. I guess it is her honey's. I think I paid $7.00 for the set at a local antique store.

Stay tuned I am going to host my first blog give away later this week......


Maija said...

Oh Valita, I am so sorry to read about your friend. She is lucky to have you - I will keep both of you in my prayers!
Great idea for the vintage postcards - they look wonderful!

Janae said...

Hey Valita~
I have so had those fact all last week, Monday and today...but you just have to do it. I got this great email from my dad I will forward to you. I'm sorry about your friend...she is in my thoughts. I LOVE the framed postcards - very cute!

Casii said...

I understand those days. So sorry about your friend, I know you'll be there for her.

Love the salt & pepper shakers! And the framed postcards. Of course, you know if it's vintage, I'm there!

Jana said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend too and am happy she has you for support & friendship. I'm looking forward to our photo shoot this spring!