Friday, January 25, 2008

Look what I found!

I went out at lunch today in search of vintage finds. I was checking out at the store when the lady at the counter goes I have some more cards if you want to look at them and low and behold look what I found! Isn't this the cutest card.

Oh but wait this is the inside!
Ins't she the cutest! She's a paper doll and in perfect condition.
Her doll clothes were still inside the card and they have the cutest Easter sayings on the back of each of the pieces. I can't wait to use her on something! She has the sweetest little face don't you think.

I can't show my other finds just yet but will share some of them as soon as I pick out the ones I want to part with. of course I am going to scan the images of the items before I part with them. LOL . I may want to play with them later.

Ok back to work I go!

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Anonymous said...

love the vintage valentines and easter cards!!!