Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Best Mixer/Juicer/Smoothie maker on the market

Ok so a few weeks ago my Mom and I go to a home and garden show. It has all of your usually landscaper, builders, closet people, floor people and sales people there. They had everyone there hawking there wears.
Your cookwear, knives, vaum cleaners, jam makers, dip makers, hose makers, but what caught my eye was this

The most amazing mixer on the market! It can juice an apple, core, seeds, stem and all in seconds! You can cook soup in it and make ice cream in it. Lest we not forget the amazing MARGARITA's IT CAN MAKE! Since I have go tit I have made smoothie's, fruit slushies and potato soup in it. And Clean up is a rinse away. no more taking it all apart to clean it all up. This has one heck of a powerful engine in it. It sounds like it goes from 0 to 60 in a minute! I swear this is the most powerful mixer I have ever seen! I've been having problems eating fruit lately, not anymore! I've been drinking them. Fresh raw fruit. Heck one night this week I had a peach slushie for dinner. Now to find a good veggie drink mix recipe. Check it out at This is the same mixer they use at such places like smoothie king! It is a comerical grade mixer. Not a cheap department store smoothie maker that lasts about a year for $100, but a comerical grade mixer with a full 7 year warranty. It is a must have!

Monday, September 25, 2006