Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wed. I mean Tuesday!

Geesh all day I thought it was Wed. the 13rth. I had my manager thinking it was wed as well. We were all set to go to a meeting across the street when I couble checked my outlook calendar, it was still the 12th and our meeting it tomorrow! No wonder I didn't get my 15 min reminder notice. Monday flew by at work and so did today. I hope this helps to make it feel like a short week. :-)

After work I headed back to Pottery Barn with my mom to return a chair. You see last year I bought my first kitchen table fo rmy new house at bassett furniture. It was one of those design your own. I really wanted a Pottery barn table but I just could not afford it, so the day I happened in to bassett they were having a 50% off sale on one item only that day, so I bought my kitchen table. The builders had not even started building my house and I was buying a table. Bassett held the table until my house was built thankfully. Well at that time I didn't have th emoney to buy 4 to 6 chairs. I figured I could buy them this year. Well I can but now Bassett no longer offers the design your own chairs. Well not like when I bought my table. I was looking forward to picking out the legs to match my table but when I got to Bassett I discovered not only could I not design my own chair they did not have any chairs with legs that matched my table! I was so bummed! Now what do I do? So I wondered over to Pottery Barn hoping they had black chairs to match. I bought a floor sample but it did not match. My table has a little bit more sheen on it than the Pottery Barn chairs. Oh well I guess I am stuck buying some Bassett chairs after all. Now to wait for their next 20% off sale.

And since I was at Pottery barn it was not much to drive to IKEA yet again. My 3rd trip this month. I never go to Ikea. But I got some more things to finish organizing my craft room. I seem to be in an organizing mood. Hopefully I will be all organized when all the fun starts on the Silver Bella website I am itching to get my creative mojo back.

Ok that is all for now. I just pray I sleep through the night tonight!

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