Monday, June 18, 2007

My New Craft Table - from Ashley Furniture

My mom stayed with me this weekend and since it rained we spent all weekend shopping instead of working in the yard. I know, I know we could have worked inside the house, but no we went shopping. I had some things on my list to buy and one being new tires for my car. As we waited for the tires to be installed we wondered over to Macy's to the Clarins counter for my mom to pick up a free sample. I got asked by a VP of Clarins makeup artists to have a mini make over. Well things got strange after I said ok sure. The next thing I know I was being insulted about my skin. He started by asking me if I had ever been to a dermatologist. I kind of ignored him and asked him a question because I didn't want to go through how many and how many times I have had accutane in my life and how I am not allowed to do it anymore now the number of Dr's I have seen over the years about my acne. Now mind you I have mini break out now when it is right before that time of the month and of course it is that time now. I just stated that yes I know I need microdermabrasion on my skin. He then proceeded to go on and on about why I hadn't done it and when I told him the costs he went on and on again about how inexpensive it is now and where all I can go these days and I can have it financed now! Somewhere in the middle of this conversation with him I felt really offended. He was basically telling me how bad my skin was and there wasn't anything he could do to help me out and he was not even acting like he wanted to give my my free refresher make over that he asked me about in the first place. So I turned and walked away. Yep, I just turned and walked off. I was extremely offended. I mean I did not stop at this counter to be told how bad my skin is now from years of having severe cystic acne after my dad died! (the Dermo told me I got it from stress since it happened right after my dad died.) Yes, I know I need some Microdermabrasion done on my face but geez wasn't he there to sale make up and make you feel a little bit better about yourself not make you feel ugly! He told me he wanted to do a mini make over on me. I didn't ask for one. He never even acted like he wanted to touch my face once he started going on and on about microdermabrasion.

So later Mom and I wondered over to Ashley's Furniture store. They had a big employee sale this weekend. I only went because she wanted to go, and yet I was the one to end up going back 4 times over the weekend! That is correct I went to Ashley's once on Saturday and 3 times on Sunday. I bought this cool table to be used as my new craft table. It is a 34" wide pub high dining table with 4 drawers 2 on each side and 2 pop up leafs. It is high enough so if I want to stand and scrap I can and big enough for two people to share the table together. Then if I want to cut fabric on it I can open it up as needed. I got it for just $283.00. The only thing I dislike about it is that it is not black, but oh well I can change that if I want to. It had a list price of $800, an Ashley price of $400 and something, then it was marked down to $351 and I got it for $283. I applied for credit to get it at 12 months no interest. I was granted way more credit that I wanted or needed. So I go to thinking I needed bar stools maybe that had some on sale. Sure enough I found a bar stool I loved for my living room. I bought 2. With the sale price they were only $106 a piece. I have been looking at bar stools for over a year now and the ones I liked were always $169 to $200 dollars a piece.

trip # 2 - Got home and realized I really needed 3 bar stools for my bar. Returned to Ashley's for 1 more bar stool.

trip # 3 - went to an Ashley's in Frisco, Tx - Near Ikea. ( I had to go there again this month!) I didn't want to go in but my mom wanted to. We started walking around when I found a black iron looking bed frame. Ticket price $250, but then they had a special pricing cost of $100 for the head board and $90 for the foot board. but everything was still on sale with a 20% discount! To only pay one delivery fee I had to go back to the original store where I purchased the table! So I found my 20's to 30's looking black iron bed and I only paid $150 for it! I have been looking on the side for one but was in no hurry. I knew when I found it I would then buy it.

trip # 4 - back to Ashley's to purchase black bed frame.

I am excited about my new purchases. I know I will have them paid off in less than a year. They will arrive in a few weeks and I can hardly wait! Now to sale the bed and nightstand I have now on ebay or somewhere.

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Kimla Kay said...

Hi Valita!

I am so sorry you had a run-in with such a nasty-gram make-up artist. My experience has never been very good at those counters. I just get what I need and keep on walkin'. Btw, I live in Lewisville and would love to get together with other Dallas Bellas before the big event. I'm really diggin' your blog!