Monday, June 11, 2007

Still no Velvet...

I guess I should admit that she will never come back. I was out in my backyard today wth my dog and I tought I heard a cat crying. It gave me hope. The sound was coming from the country home behind me. I decided then to check out an area of the country home's yard down at the end of my street. There is still an empty lot on my street. As I got closer I did hear a cat meowing. I got very excited and thought this was my long lost Velvet and she was just stuck in this barn. My cousin's daughter came over and helped my climb over the barbed wire fence. It was that or a fence surrounded by poison ivy. I climbed over to only find out it was a very tiny kitten that would cry louder everytime I called out for Velvet and ran as I got closer to it. I had gotten all excited for nothing. I really thought it was my sweet Velvet.

Above is a picture of my 3 of my 4 fur babies, but I guess I am back to three again just not these three. Velvet is the grey kitty on the right and in the center of the center picture. I had her since she was about 4 weeks old. a co worker found her and gave her to me.

Oh and I did speak to the country home owners and they know the kitty is back there and they are trying to catch it. It is pretty ferrell and they have yet to catch it. They are leaving food out for it.

On another note my craft room is coming along very nicely. I hope to have some photos posted soon. I have to go back to Ikea to get some more boxes and a shelf. Hopefully I will be crafting all weekend!

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