Monday, July 10, 2006

A Shocking Weekend!

I literally mean shocking. My brother came over to install my garage door opener for me. I have had it for about 5 months now sitting in the box waiting as waited for my brother to install it for me. He came to my rescue this past weekend. He was a trooper since it was a very hot, sweltering weekend and sometimes he had to work in the garage with the doors closed. Let me tell you it got HOT in there! He stuck it out all day before he called it a day with his promise to come back the next day to finish it.

The shocking part for me came early on in the day as my brother started to install my garage door opener. He needed more light in the garage as he worked with all the doors closed. I grabbed a lamp I had sitting in a dry place in the garage since the move and plugged it into new of my many garage outlets. In doing so I got the shock of my life. The electricity went straight up through my hand to my shoulder. I popped the GCI outlet. I rally do not think this should have happened since this is a new house. Now I am a little concerned the wiring is not right in my garage. I have a call into the electrician.

But I am happy to say I now have a fully operational garage door!! Woohoo! No more parking outside in the elements! My brother came back on Sunday and finished the installation.

Mom and I worked out in the yard all day Sunday except of course the one trip we made to Home Depot. I used to dislike going to this store, but now I actually enjoy it. I spent $100 there. I bought 4 rose plants for the price of 1. The best part of the weekend, my mom weed eated the entire yard! I have the best Mom! I planted one rose bush and did some other yard work until about 8:30 pm Sunday evening. All in all it was a great weekend. Pretty low key but rather nice.

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