Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I can't believe Fall arrives this weekend! Going through this long, hot, drought ridden, Texas summer has been awful! I thought it would never end and now it has! My favorite season is here, FALL! I love the smell and feel of it. This will be my first Fall in my home, so I can't wait to decorate! I still have tons of things to do inside the house, but my outside is moving along. I have grass throughout most of the back yard where I want and need it. I still have some heavy duty weeds to kill and dig up in the very back of my yard. Still have that dreadfully poison ivy back there, but it is nearly gone now. I just have to put on my chemical suit and pull it all up and toss it away.

My little doggie, Walker is getting bigger. At three months he is just now twice the size he was when I brought him home. He still can't jump up on my couch and chaise, thank god, or jump over the board I have in place, blocking him out of the kitchen. That rug rat has taken a liking to my beautiful Pottery Barn Palermo (sp?) rug just too well. He chews up the corner and does that thing that sounds like he is at war with it. He actually can jump over the board at the kitchen entrance, but I guess he forgot he has done it once and now sadly waits for me to walk back over it so he can resume chewing on my ankles and feet. The only thing I dislike about this puppy. I am TIRED of being a human chew toy! I am told this faze will end with time. I can only pray so. It still breaks my heart every morning when I go to work when I have to crate him up. My poor new neighbors, I am sure they can hear him through the wall! Luckily he is not into chewing up furniture at least not so far. He would much rather chase my cat Bella around the house.

That is a site to behold. He gets beat up by my cat Bella. No, she does not have claws so I guess that is why he keeps going back for more each day, but she does pop him some good ones every day. I just found out this morning why he yelps on occasion when they are "playing" and why he runs under the bed away from her. That darn cat bites him in the rear! She was shaking the hair out of her mouth this morning. Bella is one thought cat! She actually does more chasing of Walker round the house than the puppy does chasing her. If she only had a clue how much bigger he will be in a few months. He won't be the one making a mad dash under the bed then! He is funny to watch when he tries to play with Bella, he runs up to her sideways, to keep his head as far away as possible from her so she won't slap him on the head.

I am training him to sit and he has taking to a leash very quickly. He knows what "outside", and "do you want to go for a walk" means. He even knows when to jump down to the street when the sidewalk ends in spots and then jump back up to finish walking on the sidewalk.

he is a full time job for me now when I get home from work. So I have been very non creative lately. UGH! I better get with it since my next scrapbooking retreat is coming up in a few weekends.

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