Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Puppy Days & Puppy Antics

So I got a puppy this summer. A pure bred American Eskimo puppy. He was so cute and sweet when I first got him, he looked like a little polar bear cub, but now as the time has past by from 6 weeks to 6 months I am starting to re think this whole puppy business. Not only can he now jump on my bed, he can jump on my couch and climb on my coffee table. Lovely, just lovely. He chases the cats around unmericifully after I get home from work. (Of course he has taking the cat approach to life by sleeping all day sp needless to say by the time I get home from work he is one excitied hyperactive puppy, and thankfully is very well puppy trained. ) The cats do not like it when he wakes up. I have three cats and they all have different methods toget away from him. One cat runs real quick after never looks back until she, the cat is up high up on something, one sits there and fights back, and one is so slow the dog is on top of her every step of the way as she cries to try and get away from Walker, my dog. The dog actually likes the one that fights back the most. He picks at her to get her to chase him around the house and eventually into my bedroom and under my bed. He seems to think it is a blast to get the cat to chase him under the bed, out one side and then around and back under again. I know when he is playing this game with her because the cat is growling and all I hear is his head go bump, bump, bump under the bed as he makes a run for it. A sort of game of chase and tag, animal style I guess. Then the next best thing he likes to do with this tough cat of mine, Bella, (I know her name does not match her cattitude) is to sit not far from her and wait for Bella to pop him a few times. Yep, he seems to think it is a great game! I just have to sit and laugh. I watch him go up to her sidways so as to not always get a direct hit on his snout or upside his head. Occiasionally I hear a yelp and yes it is the cat biting the dog in the rump! LOL.

Two nights ago I discovered another new thing he likes to do. Jump in the tub! It does not matter if I am taking a bath or not, he will just jump right on in! In fact I try keeping him out and it makes him only more determined to get in the tub! Water? What is water to a nordic dog! Geez, now when I get out of the tub right in he goes, water and all! It does scare me a bit that he watches me ever so closely as I turn on the water because I have one of those knobs that is just a lever. I am afraid he will learn how to hit the water on with his nose and I get home one day to find water all over my house and one happy wet puppy! This morning he could not wait to run into my bathroom and jump into the tub as I got ready for work. I eventually turned on the water to let him have a drink, again he closely watched me as I turned on the water, then I stopped up the tub with just a small amount of water. You would have thought I had given him a bone to play with, or I had a toddler on my hands. He would jump out run around the house come flying back in the bath oom, jump in the tub again, landing on his side as he slid around the tub in a circle. He then stood up to splash around in the water, then he jumped out again sliding all over the floor as he made pass around the whole house again at full speed.

Me put a tree with this puppy! I would come home to a disaster very day! the only safe places from him these days are the kitchen counters, the kitchen table, the rooms with the doors shut tight and my bathroom counters, then again soon the bathroom counters may be his territory because I watched him try to climb up in the sink this morning! What is a cat person to do! When do I get a calm dog! When can I blink and he be a year old? I never remember the family dog I grew up with (she was a bred just like him) ever being this wild! What is a girl to do to get through these puppy days and puppy antics?!

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