Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I figured out my Secret Admirer partner thanks to the flikr website! This was a really fun swap as well as the other 2 swaps I was a part of for Valentine's Day. It certainly made it easier for this lonely single girl to handle the day this year. Maybe next year I will have a man in my life to spend the day with; I really am tired of being alone.

My work day ended poorly. Every have one of those days where you just do not feel appreciated for the work you do every day? I know most of the stay at home Mom's do! That I sjust how my day ended today feeling very unappreciated. I save the company money, I go above and beyond everyday, I save money, I assist more people and more groups than a little, and today I felt the most under appreciated than I have felt in a long time. My nme was left off an email and I am not quite sure why, but it upset me to the core today. Why were others selected to be on this and I wasn't? It really hurt and I left work very upset and cried all the way home. I am not sure why I reacted so strongly but I did. I helped 4 groups out on the list and I do not think many others on the list could say that. Other worker bees were on th elist buy I wasn't. I am not jealous just deeply hurt. All my hard work since last April was overlooked. It makes me ask "why bother anymore?" Why bother going the extra mile for everyone when it doesn't get me anywhere? Why bother trying to get noticed. Why am I always so invisibleto everyone? Why am I the one always making everyone else look better? What is a girl to do? Not a great way to end my day. How do I go back to work tomorrow and feel good about it?


vivian said...

oh Valita! sorry you had such a bad day. somedays are just like that. Give yourself a pat on the back. YOu know you deserve to be noticed and that you go above and beyond! You probably wouldn't feel good about yourself if you didnt! Treat yourself to something special! I hope tomorrow is a better day!
I'm glad you figured out I was your secret admirer! I had fun making your box and filling it with goodies. I'm glad you liked it!!
lets keep in touch here in blogland!
sweet dreams!!

Casii said...

Oh Valita, I'd be hopping mad if I were you. Sounds like you really go above and beyond for work.

Praying for a special guy for next year for ya! (as Nana would say, Lord willing) said...

Sorry you had a rough day. If it helps, being self employed isn't any better either, there are days where nothing goes right for me either. Good luck, hope it gets better soon.

janae said...

I think now's the time to cash in some of those vacation days....sounds like you need a break from your job!! All you can do is be the best you possible!! Don't let it get you down.

As far as a man...are you sure, really sure you want one? :)

Take care sweetie!!

Shannon said...

HI Valita! I have found you... :) How are you? I hope your foot is okay....
I am so sorry about your day. My husband has gone through the same thing once or twice, or three.... at his work as well. He too, said,"Why bother". But you know, have a good attitude, go on, and it just might lead you somewhere else~ even BETTER!
Bryan got a raise and bonus 6 months later....
Would love to see ya sometime!
Take care...