Monday, February 04, 2008

Post Op - V-Day Swap Pics

I am so glad my mom has been with me the past 5 days. She went home this afternoon to sleep in her own bed. She was a life saver for sure. I have been in bed with my foot proped up like a good little patient. The first few days after surgery I slept all day and night; mom kept me fed and iced. I took pain killers the first few days and have been trying not to take them yesterday and today. I have Ambien to take at night to help me sleep and not think of the shoe on my foot, but one night it gave me hallucinajenic ( sp?) like dreams. I felt like I was fighting to breathe while I slept until it woke me up gasping for air so I haven't taken one since. Tomorrow I go back to work. I have a feeling I am going to have to find a way to keep ,y right foot propt up ay work because after a while with it down it starts to hurt. Let alone I have to drive tomorrow! I just pray I do not get into a wreck with this shoe. I am told I will be at fault

Tomorrow I mail my swap packages and one of my swap partners wanted a sneek peek so Below are a couple of items going out the door. I guess they will have to guess. I have three partners so one is not posted yet.


Maija said...

Be careful driving and take good care of yourself!

Casii said...

Oooh, ahhhhh! Cool stuff! Now get better girlfriend!

Heidi said...

I hope you're feeling better now that it has been a few days!
We must be on the same crafting wavelength because I just made a cone for a swap partner that had a pink crepe paper rosette with a pearl in the middle and it had that pink fluffy stuff around the top & bottom! LOL Great minds think alike. :) I love the one you did with the red doily and that cute little Valentine image too!

Shannon said...

I just love these!!! Adorable!!