Monday, May 30, 2005

Random Act of Kindness

I was treated to a "Random Act of Kindness" on Sunday morning. I hit the grocery store first thing before it got too crowded. (I hate grocery shopping can someone please bring back I noticed the place was pretty empty and a fire truck was in the parking lot. Not to many other people were around. And I have to admit, I was not looking my best. A little make up, my hair was in a clip and I called it okay to proceed to the grocery store. I hit the outside aisles of the store and called it done.

I walk out to my car and spot something struck inside my drivers side door. I thought it was some sort of ad. Low and behind it was a $5 bill. I thought it was a copy at first and some sort of new advertisement, until I flipped it over to see that it was real. Now why would anyone leave my a $5 bill? As I drove away, my first thought was, I guess I didn't look as good as I thought I had because someone thought I needed $5.

The funny thing was while I was shopping for myself I was also buying disposable cameras for a former co worker that quit his high paying job where I work to go back into the Army. He is now in Afghanistan and emails on occasion to a group of us at work. I wrote back last week and asked him if he needed anything. He stated he only gets a box every now and them from his Mom. No one else every sends him anything. So of course I said I would and asked him what he needed. He told me about how he used up the last of his cameras while in a cave setting up explosives in a mountain. (And I thought I had rough days at work!) He got picked to go down this dark tunnel because of his small size. When they realized it was a tunnel that lead to more caves and more tunnels they decided to blow it up. I guess Osama won't be hiding in those caves anytime in the near future.

So there I was buying someone disposable cameras with my own money, and then someone leaves me $5 tucked in my car door. I spent $12.00 on 4 cameras. (They were on sale and had coupons on them. Not on sale- 4 would have cost me over $30.00) I guess it was a "Random Act of Kindness" kind of day

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Kimberly Kwan said...

What an awesome surprise! I believe in angels...your angel left you that $5 so you could, in turn, you were an angel for your friend in the Middle East. I am sure he is, in effect, an angel to MANY over there! Thanks for sharing such a lovely story! Very inspiring!

Love ya, V!